Sunday, April 6, 2014

Update at 11 days.

So it is getting easier. I never thought that it would get easier until I was out and moved on, but it's getting better. I am getting more and more excited about living on my own. I bought a new girly bed set for myself and made a wish list at Ikea of things I want for the new place. 

Still no fighting and there are periods of sadness, but not all day sadness. It's been tough getting adjusted, things like calling him babe, and asking personal questions is awkward because I am used to doing those things but we aren't together anymore, so I need to stop myself sometimes. The kiss good bye is hard because he kisses the kids good bye and then just tells me bye and leaves. It hurts. 

We met with a realestate agent tonight to talk about putting the house for sale. We are thinking by the end of the month. I thought that it would be hard, but it wasn't. It's ok. We would have sold the house anyway, it's too much house for us. 

So that's the update. I have an interview tomorrow, hopefully it get it and that's one thing off my list of things to do. 

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